Viable Multi - Speciality Hospital Overview

Viable Multi - Speciality Hospital is driven by a single thrust, to provide the best standards of patient care. It is this passion that has lead to the development of unique centers of excellence across medical disciplines. We have always maintained Medical leadership, reputation for quality, ethical medical practice and compassion for our patients as a primary goal. As health professional, our primary aim is to help you maintain and preserve your health.

  • Occupational Health Center Services

    Viable Multi-Speciality Hospital provide a full range of occupational and preventive health services that keep your employees at your worksite, with minimal time away from their workstation.

    Occupational Health Center Services provided at the workplace offer many benefits to both employees and employers. Employees who participate in worksite-based health promotion programs reap the rewards of better health and lower health care premiums. Employers benefit from reduced costs as a result of decreased absenteeism, improved morale, and increased productivity.

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